Wellesley has the second highest number of citizens with advanced degrees in the United States, is home to three colleges, boasts a high school ranked among the top 100 public high schools in the country, and has very technology-oriented classrooms. Relocating your family to Wellesley could be one of the best things you do for your children's education. Right now the Wellesley real estate market has affordable home prices and low interest rates, an ideal environment for homebuyers.

New iPad Program for Fifth-Grade Students

A recent development in Wellesley education is that each fifth-grade classroom will have a set of iPads that the students can use at school. The iPads will be used to bolster learning opportunities and to teach children about Internet safety. The iPad program will be funded through grants from area organizations and budget requests.

This is an exciting opportunity for schools, students and parents who want to help their children learn to use technology. The program will also make it possible to bring new learning opportunities to students through educational applications and activities. 

Wellesley Public Schools' Technology Plan 

The new iPad program isn't the only one that can benefit your children. In fact, the school system has a five-year plan for implementing technology into schools in ways that will help students increase technology literacy, foster a technology-learning environment for students and staff and encourage student engagement.

The program includes training and curriculum that reflect these goals. It also includes the addition of a Technology Suite that manages all technical resources.

Technology Resources in the Classroom 

So how will your children benefit from the five-year plan? Dozens of technology resources are already being implemented into classrooms at all levels of education, and even more will be added in the coming years.

Some exciting classroom tools to watch for include:

  • Laptops and laptop carts
  • A fiber optic network and wireless networks
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Scanners
  • Microscopes and graphing calculators
  • Digital cameras and iPods 
  • TV and video studio at the high school level with professional lighting and video-editing software

Wellesley Public Schools has the goal of creating a 3-to-1 student to computer ratio. It plans to replace computers used in schools every five years to keep up with industry advances.

Wellesley can provide a rich educational environment for your children, whether they are in elementary school, high school or college. The city prides itself in providing excellent classrooms and technology resources. 

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