Wellesley sailing

Children in Wellesley have an amazing opportunity this summer: learning to sail. The Wellesley real estate market is full of affordable homes in beautiful areas where families and children can benefit from recreational opportunities like sailing classes. There are several summer camps and classes offered in the Boston area that teach kids how to safely maneuver boats, use sailing equipment and enjoy the great outdoors while on the water.

Boating in Boston

Boating in Boston offers a kids' summer camp in July at the University of Massachusetts Boston, Hopkinton State Park and Spot Pond (Stoneham). Kids will play games, learn how to sail, learn safety procedures and become confident in the sport. Themes like pirate days, tiki days and rock star days liven up every Friday at this camp. Classes are open to kids between the ages of 8 and 10 and children do not have to have any prior sailing experience to attend. Both sailing and kayaking classes are offered as full day, half day and extended day classes. Contact Boating in Boston at 617-299-3392.

Crimson Sailing Academy

Crimson Sailing Academy at Harvard is for children between the ages of 11 and 17. Kids will get to use Harvard's Collegiate FJs and 420s on the Charles River as they learn how to safely sail.

Small classes of no more than 20 students provide a great environment for kids who want to learn this sport. There are two course options here, one for beginners and one for intermediates. In these classes, kids will learn about reading the wind, tying knots, rigging and de-rigging, man-overboard recovery, docking, planning, sailing upwind and so much more. To sign up, contact Crimson Sailing Academy at 85-SAILING-1 or 857-245-4641.

Piers Park Sailing Center

Piers Park Sailing Center at Boston Harbor offers three classes, each intended for children at different skill levels. The classes help kids understand the history of Boston Harbor, meteorology, how to work as a crew, sailing terminology, boating safety, navigation skills and more. Classes here run throughout the summer, and you can contact the center at 617-561-667, extension 11 for more details.

Boston Yacht Club 

The Boston Yacht Club, in Marblehead, offers several sailing classes for children between the ages of 6 and 11. Some classes are available to older children. The Sonar Program allows instructors to ride in boats with up to five students while The Optimistic Program consists of classes of four students, each of whom rides in his or her own boat. All the classes help kids learn how to safely sail. The Boston Yacht Club can be reached at 781-631-3100.Wellesley sailing

Courageous Sailing

Courageous Sailing has a five-step sailing program for kids who are eight years old or older. The program starts by teaching kids the basics of sailing and then teaches them more advanced skills and even offers racing classes. The class fees are based on a sliding scale that is determined by household income. Each of the classes meets at different times throughout the summer. Contact Courageous Sailing at 617-242-3821 for details and registration information.

Community Boating, Inc.

Community Boating in Boston has a junior program for kids between the ages of 10 and 18. Membership in this program gives kids access to kayaking, sailing and windsurfing classes, the organization's fleet of more than 100 boats and special events like family sails and field trips. When kids aren't participating in classes, they can participate in the open sailing program that allows them to use the boats they have learned how to safely use.

This is a non-traditional camp because it is based on membership fees. When you pay the annual fee, which is based on your household income, you'll have access to the classes, and other benefits of the organization, for free. For more information on how the classes at Community Boating work, contact the office at 617-523-1038.

Relocating to the Boston area has many perks, just one of which is the excellent youth programs in the area. For assistance finding a Wellesley home for sale, contact Christine Norcross at 781-929-4994.

Images courtesy of Kevin Jarrett/Flickr and Jack French/Flickr.