Reebok's BOKS program has come to Wellesley schools with the goal of helping kids have healthy bodies and minds. This is an excellent program that offers important opportunities for the area's children. If you are considering moving to Wellesley, this addition to area schools has the potential to benefit your children and enhance their learning experiences.

Physical Activity Helps Kids do Better in School

According to the program's website, it's recommended that children get at least 60 minutes of exercise a day. Unfortunately, less than 4 percent of elementary schools provide a daily physical education class and only 57 percent of these schools offer children recess on a regular basis. Physical activity isn't just good for children's bodies, but for their minds as well. Studies show that children who exercise regularly do better in school. Because many schools are lacking in the physical education area, many students aren't doing as well in school as they could be.


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Enter the BOKS Before-School Program

BOKS strives to give children the physical activity they need to be healthy and do better in school by helping schools set up a before-school physical activity program. BOKS believes that helping children start the day with physical activity will help them stay healthy and prepare their minds for a successful day of learning.

As Wellesley schools implement the BOKS program, excellent schools will become even more effective. The program will give children a chance to participate in games and play activities that will increase their daily levels of physical activity, helping them stay fit and succeed in school.

In Wellesley, the BOKS program will rely on educators, volunteers and parents, just as it does in other communities. The program is flexible and can be altered to meet school needs. BOKS consists of three 40-minute long lessons each week. The lessons include things like warm up activities, free play, running and skill-honing activities and physical games. 

Wellesley Schools a Big Draw for Homebuyers

The schools in Wellesley are known for providing an excellent education to students. From elementary schools to high schools, the schools here have wonderful learning resources, high-tech classrooms and up-to-date curriculums. One reason many people choose to move to Wellesley is for the educational resources the city can offer their children. 

If you are considering relocating, we invite you to explore Wellesley, MA real estate. We help families find a home they love and can afford, and can help you find a neighborhood that will give your children a top-notch education experience. 

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