Outdoors enthusiasts feel right at home in Wellesley, where recreation opportunities abound. There is something for everyone here, whether you just like to spend some quiet time in the great outdoors or love to spend your weekends adventuring. One of the many benefits of the Wellesley real estate market is that most of the homes are in close proximity to several recreational destinations. 

Biking on Marked Trails

Wellesley's most popular bike trail, called the Brook Path, provides a smooth, level ride for amateur and expert bikers. There are fourteen trails in this city, and each offers has beautiful views and varying types of terrain.

Camping for the Entire Family

Wellesley has camping locations that cater to all ages and skill levels. Whether you are looking for an experience that will let you live off the land or a kids' summer camp, you'll find it here. The beautiful surroundings make for great family camping and are the perfect home to several summer camps.

Jogging through Woods and Meadows

If you're a runner, you'll fall in love with the 25 miles of running trails Wellesley offers. You can pick up a map on the city's website and spend countless days jogging through wooded areas and beautiful meadows. The Wellesley Grand Tour is a 10-mile long trail that loops through five different trails and is perfect for a summer run.

Cross-Country Skiing on Scenic Paths

Wellesley winters offer ideal conditions for cross-country skiers. The Brooke Path or the trails that line aqueducts in the area are great for skiers, and Centennial Reservation's meadows are a good location for cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. To get the perfect view of Morses Pond, try the Crosstown Trail.

Boating, Sailing and Kayaking on Lake Waban

Lake Waban, at Wellesley College, is an excellent boating destination. A day on this lake is perfect for boaters, sailors and kayakers. The views are gorgeous and it's only a two-mile walk around the pond, so you can unwind with a scenic walk after an adventurous day.

Golfing, Tennis and Swimming at Wellesley Country Club

If golf is your sport, you'll fit right in at Wellesley Country Club. This club is very family friendly and was founded in 1910, so it has deep historical roots. The rolling hills are a tempting invitation for a round of golf and the club boasts tennis, swimming and fitness facilities. Young children will love the club's Summer Academy.

In Wellesley, everywhere you turn there are recreational opportunities with beautiful, natural backdrops. If you're looking to relocate to an area that has easy access to all kinds recreational activities, contact Christine Norcross at 781-929-4994 to find a Wellesley home for sale.

Images courtesy of Jeremy Bronson/Flickr and chispita_666/Flickr.